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So guess who's back (again...) from the land of nowhere? So....hi hahaha...aha...ahhhhhh


My laptop has been broken since Christmas, and every weekday I have all this school stuff and these HUGE projects. And we just started all of our FFA competitions which take place at different high schools and colleges around California. These happen every weekend (basically) and we usually don't get back until late Saturday night or Sunday morning (depending on if it's an overnight trip or not) and then all day Sunday is dedicated to desperately trying to finish homework so I don't get behind in school. And this whole first Semester, when we didn't have FFA competitions, our teachers gave us basically NO huge projects or big essays and stuff like that. Now that these competitions started at the beginning of the second Semester, it's almost like the teachers got together and were like 'OH LET'S THROW AS MANY GINORMOUS PROJECTS AS WE HAVE AT THEM AND GIVE THEM OH ABOUT A WEEK FOR EACH ONE AND AS SOON AS THEY GET THAT ONE DONE THEN WE'LL JUST GIVE THEM ANOTHER ONE. GREAT PLAN YAAAYYYYY!!!'

*very unamused face*

Yeah, that's a PERFECT idea! *sarcasm sarcasm sarcasm* and so that's why I haven't been on here. Because my whole life at the moment is projects, stupid FFA advisors who give only one member of a team the candy that the whole team won from a competition, and baby bunnies.


MY BABY BUNNIES WERE BORN. I kinda guess I haven't been on to tell you. SO YEAH they were born a month ago and are really fluffy and cute! I have 2 mothers that each have babies. One mother has 2 babies that are giant and are the size of a large potato .-. and the other mother has 7 and they're a lot smaller, like they can fit in your hand. SO CUTEEEEEEEE~

And another excuse for me not being on here, I'll admit it, is that there are SOOOO many deviations that have piled up that it's like 60 MINIMUM  per person plus journals and I'd feel bad for erasing them, so I'm going to have to find time to go through them all.

OH. So after a year, I decided to go back to the tumblr account my friend had set up for me and that I had used for, like, 2 days before weird stuff started being reblogged by someone who hacked my account. But whatever. I fixed it and now am basically hooked. What does this have to do with anything? Well, one of the beautiful people I followed started reblogging stuff about this thing called 'Homestuck' that's apparently a HUGE fandom, like one of the largest. So, being the cheeky and curious person I am, I researched it and got into the story/comic/whatever it is.

I wish I could explain what it's about but it's really complicated and confusing DX But I DID fall in love with the story and am really excited to finish it so I can finally get into a new fandom. YAY FOR MEEEEEE~

About the whole 'Missing Link' series, I WILL WRITE MORE but the last one was posted last summer and I'm wondering if that's just how things are gonna be, that all my stories and things are going to be written and posted in the summer when I have time to do it. It really sucks but I'm not sure. It's been so long that I actually don't remember where I left off in the story and will have to reread it. Plus, my revising technique is really tedious. If I haven't already whined about it, this is the process of the story from brain to Deviation.
1) Reread last chapter to see where each character is and what's happening with them
2) Start writing (I write all my chapters on paper first) and hope that my brain will stay on track so I can get at least one big thing done in a chapter to get the story moving. (if you haven't noticed, my plot lines like to drag on and on and on).
3) Get slightly pissed that my brain didn't follow my directions.
4) Reread the newly handwritten chapter and change/edit to my liking.
5) Type up chapter onto a Word document whilst also playing though the story in my head. When I'm typing a chapter, I'll usually add at least 2 paragraphs and take out at least 3-4 sentences. Also, I have to press enter three times after each paragraph because of stupid DA's layout)
6) Once the rough draft is done, and the chapter's plot is fresh in my mind, I'll spend at least half an hour trying to come up with a name for the chapter (my wandering brain permits me from naming a chapter before it's written. I tried this once. I named a chapter The Squid's Revenge, planning for it to be about a squid attacking a ship, and it ended up being about a lady being kidnapped and a dude trying to save her. -_- my brain is dumb)
7) Once the chapter is typed and named, I reread the chapter and make variations where I see fit. Once variations are made, reread and make changes as needed. Over and over until I like it.
8) After all this is done, I tweak a couple things on the DA layout page thingy, such as add underlines, bolding, etc.
9) Now the chapter is finally posted :D yay!

My process is so freaking laborious I swear I did this to punish myself for something I did. But it's the only way I seem to be able to post these things.

Oh and I'm not sure when that My Little Pony project will get done, seeing as I don't have an editing program :(

Well I have been rambling on for FAR too long, sorry. But I'll try as hard as I can to be on DA as often as I can.

See you guys!~
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Nicole (GA fangirl name)
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
What's up guys? Ok, to make this short, I love Ghost Adventures, paranormal investigating, and every so often writing a short story. If I come up with a good one I'll post it. I'm also full of ideas so if anyone needs any ideas to jumpstart their brain, just ask!

Things I love:

1) The way Zak says 'Fresno'
2) Stanley Hotel
3) Nick Groff
4) Ghost Adventures
5) The way Zak says 'Mercury'
6) GAC Family
7) Animal crackers
8) Cookies in general
9) Salem Witch House
10) My Ghost Adventures Notebook
12) sorry for 11, i love this episode, cuz i live close to there, but when they were there I was in the mountains
13) Me getting off track
14) Saying 'shmoople'
15) When I discuss Ghost Adventures with my friends and it sounds technical and political
16) Feeling smart randomly saying 'equilibrium'
17) Feeling smart for saying 'Titicorte de me' (Do you remember me?) in Italian, the only phrase I know :/
18) Writing GA stories
19) Saying 'shmores', 'dooplegangers', and 'meurcury'
20) That Nick, Zak, and Aaron's birthdays are all in April
21) That Aaron was born on April Fool's day
22) All the things on 'thelittlethingsghostadventures' on tumblr [link]
23) PURPLE!!!!!
24) Zak's back tattoo
25) All of Zak's fears
26) Nick's beautiful tattoo
27) Aaron's Starbucks addiction
28) Nick's signature pose
29) Nick's run/jog
30) Lists
31) JK I hate lists
32) Damn it! off track again. Grapes
33) Random dancing
34) Spending hours talking to people face to face about GA
35) I wish I had more friends I could spend hours talking about GA with
36) Deviantart
37) Kentucky Slave House
38) MANAMANA!!!!!!
39) Enimen rap
40) my mom's hatred of rap
41) black and red combinations
42) black and grey cross necklaces
43) dark clothing
44) Why does Zak wear black on an investigation, but it looks white on nightvision? Has this bothered anyone else?
45) My question above
46) wow this list is long
47) my poem [link]
48) Raindrops On Roses and Whiskers On Kittens
49) Zak's muscles
50) Zak's sensitive side
51) Aaron and Zak's laughs
52) Nick's smile
53) Aaron's awesome way to make all the pictures GAC takes funnier than hell
54) The way Zak picks on Aaron
55) Aaron's vlog!
56) Zak's hair
57) (ok, this is going to sound weird) Nick's feet
58) Jello
59) goosebumples
60) darkness
61) paranormal investigating (duh)
62) Johnny Cash's song about the Rose Hall Plantation down in Jamaica
63) That weird guy selling raw fish in Jamaica
64) When the guys are standing around Anne Palmer's grave and Nick traces the cross and puts his hand on it (i almost cried)
65) How Zak never really trusts Aaron with the big expensive camera
66) My strange attraction to big, expensive, complicated looking cameras (guilty as charged)
67) I'M GONNA MAKE THIS LIST ALL THE WAY UP TO 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
68) I hate Writer's Block (it's a beotch)
69) When Nick flipped after the Jamaican soccer game
70) Aaron being a sucky soccer player
71) Zak being a sucky goalie
72) Nick being a soccer profesh
73) SAYING ____ PROFESH (___= noun)
75) GA on DVD
76) Saying Aaron's Vlog quotes that make other people confused
78) JK i hate my imagination
80) chocolate
81) tootsie roll pops
82) Zak's shirt designs
83) Zak's white Iphone everyone else makes fun of
84) True GA fans
85) The mystery of what Zak's necklace is. (it always seems hidden in his shirt )
86) How much I would blush if I met the guys
87) actually, scratch 86, I would blush like an idiot or act like this [link]
88) Aaron's signature 'scared face'
89) random pudding face references
90) That people can draw Zak and Aaron, but have trouble drawing Nick
92) Awesome signatures
93) how the guys pose (then i try it and fail miserably)
94) Singing in the shower makes you sound better (just make sure noone else hears you. learned from experience):/
96) Pretzels
97) DIS VIDEO!!!!!!! [link]
98) DIS VIDEO....... [link]
99) and this video [link]
100) AAANNNNDDD THIS VIDEO!!!!!!!! [link]
101) that it's after 100 and all the ones after this are gonna be videos
102) [link]
103) ok got bored of video finding, so...more words! YAY!
104) how mysterious Nick's tattoo is
105) the word 'bloopers'
106) the word weenis (the skin on your elbow)
107) Zak's eyes
108) lol On youtube someone said that everytime their sister saw Nick's ears, she would be all "OMG NICK'S EEAARRS!!' that made me laugh
109) you're still readin this? wow, trooper
110) The hidden tattoo on Zak's RIGHT arm that's always hidden by his tee shirts
112) Aaron's big steppin
113) when the guys have been in one place too long and make crazy videos
114) when Nick put a HUGE bandaid on his hand and said "That's how we DO it! GAC STYLE!!!" ahhhh Nick
115) Having weird dreams about Nick
116) Has anyone else honestly ever seen Nick's feet? Ancient Ram Inn? During the ritual? When Zak's laying on the ground? Was I the only one to see Nick's feet in the upper corner? awkward....
117) How average Nick is
118) Moon River Brewery when Zak's all "Come over here and I'll smack ya." *makes a small smacking motion* "Come here I'll SMACK ya!" *Makes a total beotch slap motion* i loled so HARD!
119) The Shark Fin
120) The way Zak says 'Nick'
121) Zak's newly shared fear of cockroaches
122) Aaron running away from things
123) Aaron being left alone first at every investigation
124) Nick always being left in morgues
125) actually,screw that it's mean that he's always left in morgues
126) DIS VIDEO MADE ME LAUGH ALL DAY (go on Youtube, search 'aarons vlog Letchworth Village boom audio help) sorry, link doesn't work :/
127) Ummmm......Nick's awwesome jokes (like in the video above)
128) OK I LOLED AT THIS VIDEO SO HARD!!!!!! [link]

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